2018 Annual Report

At the beginning of 2018, I chose a one-word theme: “attack.” The plan was to attack the day with maximum effort and win the day

I didn’t focus on goals. Instead, I focused on developing habits that moved the needle. I relied on consistency and the accumulation of daily effort.

Here’s how 2018 shaped up for me.

Physical Activity

In November 2017 I decided to start running and I kept up with this habit throughout 2018.

I logged in 591 miles over 176 runs. Although this is the most I’ve ever run, I am a bit disappointed that I did not run more. With 365 days a year, subtract 61 days in May and July where I did not run and subtract 52 rest days (1 rest day per week), I was left with 252 days available for running. I ran only 70% of those days. That’s 12 weeks where I chose not to run.

In May I sprained an ankle and did not run. In July, I experimented with only walking in order to keep my heart rate in the fat burning range of 105 – 135.

For the year, I walked 240 miles over 79 walks.


I started the year at 200 pounds. My last weigh in today, the last day of the year was 184. That’s down 16 pounds this year, an average of 1.33 pounds per month. This was a bit disappointing because I was hoping for a lot more.

But hope is not a strategy, and I didn’t have much of a strategy other than exercise which is not much of a strategy at all because 80% of weight loss is about diet. I prioritized the 20%, the exercise, which wasn’t smart.

I overate and I deluded myself by telling myself that my activity outweighed my calorie intake and poor food choices. As a result, my weight loss plateaued for months. It wasn’t until I was disciplined did I see downward movement on my weight. The disciple was short lived in June and November.


Since 2017 I’ve had a goal of reading 100 books each year. Each year I fail horribly at this goal. The upside is that I read more than I would have if I didn’t have this goal at all.

I read 24 books in 2018. One book was an audiobook, my first audiobook in a long time.

Personal Development

Attacking 2018 means action. To help with this I joined a mastermind group run by Andy Frisella and Ed Mylett. I credit these guys with getting me to take action this year.

The purpose of the mastermind is to help me connect with liked mind people and to keep me moving forward. I haven’t connected with as many people in the mastermind that I would like, but that’s completely on me.


My business, Basis 365 Accounting reached a milestone this year: we acquired an accounting firm. That’s a big step for us.

As a result, we added 4 people to the existing team 12 and we added an office in Oceanside, California.


2018 started off horribly on the personal front. A family member passed away too young due to cancer. Another family member got cancer for the second time but, luckily, she’s in the clear.

I’m more than ready to leave this part of 2018 behind.

The Year Ahead

Similar to 2018, I’ll focus on habits, not goals. I’ll focus on consistency and the accumulation of effort.

Here’s to a productive and awesome 2019.